The Importance of an Educated Parent

A parent is a child’s first link to education and to learning the important things they need to live a meaningful life.  At school, they will be taught to read and write and socialize with others, but the parents will begin the process at home.

Educating a Parent

When parents decide to have a child, that is also the moment their education should start.  Having a good, solid relationship with each other is a good beginning.  Education will change throughout time, beginning with learning what is good for the child before birth.

Potentially, parents should be educated about family planning, medical issues and care, and nutrition and health.  This will include thinking about the health of mother and baby, before birth, and how to maintain that health for the whole family as it grows.

An educated parent will learn how to provide all that is needed at the correct stage in every child’s growing process.  They will know how to handle challenging behavior, and how to be a good example in social situations.

Educating a Child

A baby learns through actions and playing and through experiencing love and giving love back in their own way.  A young child learns through watching and copying the actions they see.

An educated parent will know that loving your children and showing and telling them that they are loved may be the most important way of teaching them.

Always make time to spend with a child. Quality time is time that they will remember and treasure.  It can be anything they like from reading a book, playing a game, or just being together.  Children learn through play and copying the actions they observe.

Education works both ways

Listen to what a child tries to tell you, and when they are grown, they will listen to you.  Even when they cannot speak fluently, still listen and try to understand.  A mutual feeling of being important to the other will grow and a special bond will follow.

Seeing their parents in a happy, steady relationship, respecting each other and their children are the greatest gifts parents can give their children.

The Importance of an Educated Parent