Good Advice for Parents

The giving of advice is a socially accepted activity.  However, advice can sometimes be bothersome and ill-advised.  The wrong advice can cause more problems without offering any solutions.

A lot of factors can influence parental decisions.  Each parent is an individual that was educated by their parents.  They could come from different backgrounds and cultures, different social classes, and different languages.

All these differences will have an effect on how their children will be raised.  An outsider won’t know all this, but they may still give you advice.

How to Handle All Advice

Listen to all advice given, but do not follow all of it without discussing it.  Advice is given in good faith and should be received as such.  Nobody has to know if it is followed or not.  Parents should decide if given advice will work or not.

Fun Advice

Random advice from actual parents trying to lighten the mood in really trying situations can really lift the spirit.  Some of these might just be helpful.

Listen to what children ask and say, do not answer yes to anything if you were not listening intently.  You may not be able to distance yourself from a promise made while not listening.  No excuse.

A certain way to ensure that children eat their food, tell them it is yours.

Be prepared that books and playthings are only going to last one playtime.

Talking to rocks or walls or any inanimate object is a good way to practice speaking to your young toddler.  Their ears haven’t been fully developed by then and they will display the same skills for listening as those objects.

Good Advice

Good advice is to always follow your feelings and thoughts about any given advice.  Although all advice is given to try and help parents, not all advice will work the same for different parents.

Good Advice for Parents