Babies and How They Sleep

Sleep is being done differently all over the world.  Different cultures have different sleeping arrangements.  Not so long ago, 200 years or less, whole households, or families, all slept together in the same area.

In many parts of the world, sleep was done in groups, being a social activity.  There were no special clothes for sleeping or special rooms for sleeping.  Everybody slept on the floor or basic beds.

The Change in Sleeping Attitudes

This changed in more modern times when people began to earn more money and could afford living quarters with more room.  Sleeping behavior changed with the changed living arrangements and then ideas changed regarding infant sleep.

Parents feel pressured about all the information they are bombarded with and do not always listen to the right advice.  Adopting the right methods towards their baby’s sleep pattern can become very rigid.

Sleep Training a Baby

New parents will find that in the beginning, their newborn will need feeding every few hours.  Stretches between feeding will get longer, but many other things can disturb a baby’s sleep.

When parents decide that their child needs sleep training for his or her well-being, they should choose the right methods.  Parents should evaluate any sleep training with intuition and their feelings.  If any method does not feel right, they should not try it.

Some professionals can help with deciding which sleep training method will be best for parents, their children, their believes, and their lifestyle.

Baby’s and Sleep

Before the world of sleep changed, babies fell asleep while their mothers worked or completed their daily chores.  They fell asleep carried on their mother’s body or near where she was busy.  They did not need quiet or darkness.

Today, life and time is managed differently, and children are expected to be trained and educated much earlier than before.

Babies and How They Sleep